Friday, March 27, 2009

New: Tag Cloud

I just added something I like in every blog I am reading: a tag cloud. I used the label-cloud widget from phydeaux3 and made some minor modifications.

BTW, I don't like the notion "label", but would like to use "tag" instead. Does anyone know how to customize the word "label" on the bottom of each post?
If you can help, please leave a comment. Thx!

Edit: Found out. On the template section - page elements you can click edit on the blog posts element. That opens a popup window where you can edit several aspects of the post appearance.

DevTnT 1 - ReSharper 4.5 Beta

Just a note: ReSharper 4.5 Beta is out now.

The major highlight is the tight integration with the MSTest unit test framework. Check it out!

Again: ReSharper rulez!

DevTnT 1 - Open Containing Folder in Visual Studio

To open the windows explorer and show the folder containing the current source file, select the tab and right click for the context menue. Then choose "Open Containing Folder".

DevTnT - Team Project Available on TFS

For our DevTnT-related codes and demos we now have a team project on TFS: TechTalk.CCDev.DevTnT

All members of the development group have access to it.

DevTnT 1 - Source Control Explorer: Local Path As Link

The Source Control Explorer in Visual Studio shows the locally mapped path of the current item's containing folder (if already downloaded). But, the actual features of that control changed with the version of Visual Studio and if you have the Team Foundation Power Tools installed:

Visual Studio 2005: Local Path Is Just A Label

In Visual Studio 2005, the local path is just a label with interaction at all.

Visual Studio 2008: Local Path Is A Readonly Textbox

With Visual Studio 2008 the label got a textbox. Better! Now we can select the text and copy it to the clipboard.

When we do afterwards Windows-R for explorer's run command and paste the path there, a windows explorer window opens at that specific location.

Visual Studio 2008 With TFS Power Tools: Local Path Is A Link

If we have also have installed the Team Foundation Server Power Tools, the textbox becomes a hyperlink. Much better!

Now we can open an explorer window immediately.

DevTnT 1 - Bulk Download Source Code Of The .NET Framework

Over a year ago, Microsoft integrated a download feature for debug versions of the .NET Framework source code in Visual Studio (for a detailed description refer to Shawn Burke's post).

Since this features works on a file-by-file basis, some smart guys developed a mass download tool.

Cool stuff!

DevTnT 1 - Enable/Disable Debugging of Source Files in Visual Studio

Solution Property Pages Dialog Box - Common Properties - Debug Source Files

Do not look for these source files
Enter the names of any files that you do not want the debugger to read. If the debugger finds one of these files in one of the directories specified above, it will ignore it. If the Find Source dialog box comes up while you are debugging and , you click Cancel, the file you were searching for gets added to this list so that the debugger will not continue searching for that file. Remove an entry if you want to debug a particular file again (for instance, in the meantime you have got the proper file version).

DevTnT 1 - Mouse Wheel Closes Tab

This works in many Window applications (e.g. IE, MSSQL, VS.Net). To close a tab just place your mouse cursor on a tab and click with the scroll wheel. This is more convenient and faster than clicking the small cross on the tabs (IE) or do this via context menue, especially when you want to close several tabs.

DevTnT 1 - ReSharper: Filter On Find Usages

ReSharper's Find Usages tool (Alt-F7) has a nice filter feature. For example if you are currently inspecting the usages of a property you can filter for read and write access:

You can access the filter settings via the drop down of the local menu or via the dedicated toolbar buttons to the left.

ReSharper rulez!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dev TnT - It's About Your Knowledge!

At the company I am working at (TechTalk) we are about 40 Developers with a broad band of knowledge, skills and interests. Several efforts to spread knowledge about development skills, know how about upcoming technologies and alike exist within the company. Especially, every now and then we have internal Developer Meetings and budget for external trainings as well.

But, what there is still missing is a somewhat "little form" of knowledge transfer where all of us can contribute, from the just hired juniors to our experienced veterans.

So, Dodo, a fellow colleague, and me are proud to announce Dev TnT (short for "Developer Tips and Tricks").

Dev TnT - The Vision

What's our vision about it?
  • Raise the efficiency of our coding
  • Have even more fun (and comfort) while working
  • Provide a pool for a all the little bits and pieces of tips and tricks that make our work more comfortable
  • No barrier for contribution, every little tip is explicitly welcome!
    Got a cool shortcut for Visual Studio? - You're our man (or girl - welcome Margit!)!
  • Cultivate that we all can learn from each other. Learning is no one-way road.

How will it work?
  • Takes place every second Friday, starting with March 27th, 2009
  • Duration exactly from 11:45-12:00
    We will not wait on anyone or anything - no video conferencing :)
  • Attentendance is voluntary
  • Results are blogged immediately (on this one or on any contributors own blog)

What you can rely on:
  • It will take place
  • You are welcome
  • It will be on time
  • Every contribution is welcome
  • It's about your knowledge

So, fellow Techies, check out DevTnT 1 coming up next Friday (March, 27th)!