Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Follow-Up For “A SOLID Audio Rant”

A few weeks ago I sketched some waves that got high in the community concerning an in the first glance not so friendly episode of the StackOverflow Podcast (see post “A Solid Audio Rant”). Besides other topics, Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood, the guys performing on that podcast, talked about the SOLID principles advocated by Robert C. Martin (aka Uncle Bob).

Now by chance I found a letter that Uncle Bob published on in reaction to the offensive StackOverflow-Episode: An Open Letter to Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood.

And that letter is really interesting if you just listened to the podcasts I mentioned in my earlier post. Because in that podcasts the climate changed from ranting to an almost esteeming atmosphere. But as we now can read from that letter mentioned above, Mr. Martin’s first reaction was not so friendly by really harnished (up to menacing steps towards legal contention).

So, check it out!


  1. Yup, there was quite some fuss about the provocative (and in my opinion a bit half-backed) statement of Jeff...

    But Joel, Jeff and Uncle Bob sat down and did a podcast together (episode 42):

    In that podcast they are very polite and understanding and they are a big happy family again ...

    But I have to say Joel and Jeff lost quite some of their god-status in my eyes ...

  2. Yes, in my first post on this topic I sketched the chronology of the discussion starting from Hanselminutes #145 over Stackoverflow Podcasts #38 and #41 til Hanselminutes #150. I just noticed Uncle Bobs letter yesterday, so I didn't want to miss that point for a more complete view on that topic.

    I must admit that Jeff's and Joel's reasoning in StackOverflow Podcast #38 seemed as if the actively wanted to miss and misinterpret the SOLID principles' points. Their examples were sometimes really silly.
    That they were offensive smelled like considering themselves as gods. But they are just - humans - with potenital for personal development. ;)