Sunday, September 12, 2010

About the Value of controlling Word Wrap in a Presentation

When you create a presentation you want to transport your message as good as possible. On the places where you use text for that purpose it is worth thinking of the graphical layout of your text.

Say you are have a presentation with the title "Pragmatic Testing of Legacy Applications". Depending on the font size this title may be too long to fit on a single line. Surely, your presentation software will wrap the text to fit to the space you have to devoted to the title of the presentation.

So, why care?

There are good chances that your title will be wrapped like this:

Fine. No?

If the text box for the title is smaller, the text may be wrapped like this:

Is fine as well, so why would you want to think more about that?

Let's see what the difference is.

To dive into that, you have to be aware of the three parts of the sentence "Pragmatic Testing of Legacy Applications":

  • The first part "Pragmatic Testing" is the main part. It's all about testing in a pragmatic way.

  • The third part "Legacy Applications" determines the specific emphasis of that talk. It's not about testing in well set up project, but about testing in some sub-optimal (or maybe completely ugly) context.

  • The second part, the little word "of" inbetween the two main parts does not really convey information one would not grasp without it. From what we are interested in, you may consider it as some necessary linguistic glue.

If you compare the visual appearance of the two alternative wrappings, you may get the impression that "of" detoriates that main part of the text it is sharing the line with. But what that also implies is much more important: it leaves the other main part unpolluted, giving it more focus:

Thus, the first version emphasises the pragmatic testing aspect of the title:

The second version on the other hand puts more focus on the fact that the talk is dealing with legacy application with some respect:

You don't care about that all? You think that's just all equal? Leave a comment and let's discuss it!

My battery recreated well while asleep

Wow! That minute I was impressed how well the battery recreated while my Lenovo notebook was asleep over night:

And it even feels about being able to be double this impressive time!

But, unfortunately, that lasted just a few seconds after wakeup.... ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Message in Visual Studio 2010: Changes to your tests are no longer automatically displayed

Today I had one of these dispensable experiences when working with computers. Things that I've had done again and again before, and knew they usually work, showed weird results.

Every time I made a change in a test (MSTest) in Visual Studio 2010, a message box popped up:

Changes to your tests are no longer automatically displayed. Click Refresh to display your changes in the Test View or Test List Editor.

Yes, thanks. But - why? I've changed tests many times before, but that message was totally new to me.

Additionally, in Test View a new message showed up in the notification area:

Changes were made to the tests, click Refresh to update.

Every time I pressed the Refresh button, the solution was built but the list of tests in the Test View did not always refresh properly.

Moreover, the testrunner in my beloved ReSharper failed on running new unit tests:

That showed the direction to the problem: the new test was written, but the testrunner can't find it? Well, then the test did not make it from the code to the assembly. Looks as if the assembly has not been built properly.

The reason

Looking into the current configuration unveiled the reason: the test project was not configured to be included in the build for the current configuration. So, I could type as many tests I wanted, they never made it to the assembly to be actually run.

The solution

Now the solution was easy. I just had to configure the current configuration to also build the test project.

For that call the configuration manager:

and check the Build checkbox for the test project.

Since I could not find anything on the web regarding that topic, I hope this post can help some desperate minds.