Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TextGen 0.1 released

It is a pleasure to announce that recently I released version 0.1 of TextGen – Another Template Based Text Generator on CodePlex (textgen.codeplex.com).

The main impetus for TextGen was the need to have a library for doing code generation as simple as possible. Since I didn’t like very much what I saw with things like T4, I decided to write my own library.

For the moment it is feature rich enough to provide template based generation of simple classes (a UnitTest for a VB6 class module is included in the sources).

Apropos UnitTests: I did the project almost strictly test-first. “Almost” because there are for example getters in Exception-classes that I wrote (or better: let ReSharper generate for me) because I wanted to have them and that are so trivial to be almost tested by inspection (just kidding).

I will provide additional information in the future. But for now, that’s it for the very first announcement.

Have fun (and give feedback)!

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